Dobro pozhalovat! Welcome!

My writing name is M. K. Stelmack which I chose because it had a better beat to it than my full name, Moira Kim Stelmack, or even Moira Stelmack. Close friends and children and those who’ve had to deal with me prefer Miss Moira. I’ll answer to any of the above.

As you might’ve guessed, I’m fascinated by Russia as a place for my historical novels. I first became interested in it after meeting my husband’s family who are few in number but all highly memorable. Through my reading of histories like Natasha’s Dance and Life on the Russian Country Estate, I discovered that my in-laws were quintessential Russians. That is,  one thing or the other and nothing between.

Boris Starling in his thriller, Vodka, has his heroine sum it up: “…what are Russians if not human beings writ large? There’s duality in everyone, it’s the most universal of human characteristics, and though this isn’t unique to the Russians, they take it to greater extremes than other peoples.”

What better material for my dark, romantic, tortured yet humorous, pragmatic, clearsighted characters? And the setting! Russia has everything from magnificent palaces to dark forests, all the better for my adventurous heroes.

I’ve posted the opening excerpt of my novel in progress, To Serve with Love. I’ve been told that it’s beautiful and lyrical, which is the kiss of death, I suppose, for a good ol’ romance. Perhaps I should also post the opening to my novella which is set in a Russian bathhouse. Very steamy.

Anyhoo, I’m also passionate about books and my tastes are like the Russian temperament: all over the place. I only review books I like, so check them out here or join me over at Goodreads, the home of all good bibliophiles!


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